Global Mobile Video Gaming: Role of Pakistani Young Talent

Global Mobile Video Gaming: Role of Pakistani Young Talent

Global Mobile Video Gaming: Role of Pakistani Young Talent


Mobile games are going to be the most fascinating market. The potential of mobile gaming is increasing day by day. The global mobile game industry captures the market around 50% of video games.

The mobile gaming market is forecast to grow 2.9% annually to hit $56.6 billion by 2024, per the research. There are several factors to penetrate this market with high potential.

Mobile games have the lowest barrier to entry all over the globe. The expansion of smartphones and technological development also has made this industry more significant for the customer’s desire. China is the biggest growing market in the mobile industry by generating revenues of $18 billion after that U.S. at $9.9 billion and Japan at $6.5 billion estimated according to the research.

There are various types of mobile games including Puzzle, Arcade, Action, and Racing, adventure, card, simulation, and word. Most of the time the categories of these games are more utilized to generate more revenue by adopting monetization methods. Pakistan is a developing state with a rising youth potential in video games. The domestic market of Pakistan is an emerging game development market.

Why is mobile gaming a bright future?

By and large, Mobile gaming has influenced the gaming space. The active users of mobile continuously increased with 5.5 billion mobile phone users and added day by day. These devices could connect themselves by the quality of android and mobile hardware specifications. Firms are developing various applications for android users as well as iPhone.

After the 2008 financial crisis,

video gaming on mobile phones shifted the trend of consumers towards E-sports. Those firms who are maintaining the quality of the products in the gaming industry improve themselves making huge profits such that most significant improvement such that player unknown battleground, call of duty mobile and league of legends, etc.

Developers are pushing the boundaries to create Android games that would satisfy their customers and bring out the best in the mobile gaming industry.

Game development has a bright future due to an increase in demand, market investment, and research. As global mobile users shifted towards video mobile gaming. In Pakistan, the gaming market is more cohesive towards its audience as well as developer interest.

Global E-sports earning:

According to the Cody Nast Traveller, Pakistan is generating the third most revenue collection from the market of Freelancing. This freelancing market captures all of the experts in the specific field for earning money by providing their service to the clients. Pakistan has obtained 11th position in global ESports earning. And it is a remarkable achievement by the avid Pakistani gamers.

Esports meaning:

It is a type of game in which humans interact with each other with the help of the internet the computers. It was a time when video gaming was not promoted by the audience and people degraded it. But now it's big business all over the globe and people choose it as a profession.

There are two ways to earn from Esports one is most famously known by the audience “Participation into the Global Competition” and the second is to make tutorials of certain games in which do you think you show your skills and people will improve gaming strategies.

The growth of the gaming industry also promoted all over the globe. Most of the regions are from the Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. In 2019, Esports earned more than $1billions dollars and the global mobile industry achieved a milestone.

Pakistani Raw talent successive achievements

As all over the globe, People know that Pakistani citizens have much more talent in multiple fields but fortunately, in E-sports there are two main talented, young, enthusiastic and smart boys who not only just earn the money from the video-games but also raise the name of their nation.

Sumail Hassan:

The well-known young person is Sumail Hassan who belongs to Karachi Pakistan. Who has earned up to $3,591,225 after taking part in at least 60 Esports tournaments?

Sumail stepped into Esports by joining Evil Geniuses, an Esports gaming organization, a few years ago. As of now, he is the third-highest earning gamer in Esports in the world. However, the journey of Sumail’s success is an inspiring one.

He started off by playing Dota 2 in one of the local gaming cafes since he could not afford to buy a personal computer. In 2015, at the age of 16, Sumail became the youngest gamer to surpass $1 million in Esports earnings.

Arsalan Ash:

Arsalan ash well known as Arsalan Siddique had won two Evo tournaments. He belongs to a middle-class family from the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan. He is very passionate about his profession and he proved himself all over the globe.

As you know, the majority of the population in Pakistan is illiterate and parents never consider a child to play a video game all the time but he is engaging his parents and his vision “I want to show the world that as an athlete, I am fit. My goal is that I go to the gym because you know, fitness is important for gaming.” So this raw talent shows that the Video gaming industry generates revenue for not only an individual but also gives better results to the economic and social situation of the state.