Our Product Development Process

We follow a layered development process divided in steps to deliver the best of the best for you.


Data gathering/processing

The first step is obviously, data gathering. This is where you provide us with the information regarding what you want, how you want it and what exactly would you like your product to do! Later, we process, classify and order the information for the next step.


Framework development

With the information gathered and processed, we develop a framework of the working idea for your product and share it with you. This way, you can clearly see what the end product would look like and how it would function. This would help you get a holistic understanding of your product based on your description, and would allow you to get something added or removed. Additionally, if you don’t have that kind of technical background and there’s gaps in your description of the product, our team representative can communicate with you to help you better understand the gaps and make recommendations.



Once the framework becomes perfect, our dedicated teams start developing your product based on the framework. Finally, when your product is completely developed, it would be handed over to the testing team for quality control. Later, a finalized product will be delivered to you if you want to deploy it yourself. Can’t deploy it yourself across your platform of choice? No worries, our dedicated DevOps team has got you covered. We can deploy your product across the platform of your choice.


Support & Maintenance

They say you feel passionately responsible for the things you create. It’s absolutely true. On your demand, we offer support and maintenance for your product once it’s developed and deployed. This makes sure your product is safe from security threats, bugs and spam and can adapt to changing internet dynamics through updates.