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Client: Plagiarism Checker

Category: Mobile Application

Technologies: Android, iOS, Xamarin, Retrofit, Google Analytics, WebRTC, Apple Pay JS, UIKit, NewsstandKit, RESTful, 

Plagiarism Checker is widely used to check the originality of content. You can Detect Plagiarism by just copy-pasting the content or by uploading files. Using Plagiarism Detector is essential for protecting your content as duplicate Content is not acceptable by Google. Plagiarized content can harm your website and down your ranking in search engines.

Generate Reports: Generate reports with this app and share it with your colleagues.

Upload Files: Check Plagiarism by directly uploading .DOC /.TXT / DOCX / .PDF files.

100% Safe & Secure: Any article you check at the Plagiarism Checker app is 100% Safe & Secure. we do not save your content.

100% Free Tool We were planning to make this Tool totally free and now we made it! You can check plagiarism free with unlimited searches.

The only limit is on the total number of words per search. For free users, this limit is 1,000 words and it could be increased to 5,000 words with any premium plan.

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