24/7 ECG Heart Rate Analysis

Client: Vivomi

Category: Mobile Application

Technologies: Android, iOS, Hybrid, Java, C#, Xamarin, WebKit, PushKit, Core Bluetooth, HealthKit, UIKit

Its a heart monitoring app using the techniques of HRV. I have worked on its User Interface totally built on the Xamarin Platform. FEATURES:

1. Real-Time ECG Always on 24/7 heart rate monitoring with Real-Time ECG display delivers beat-by-beat accuracy.

2. ECG Quality Indicator A quality signal ensures accurate data.

3. Charts – Heart Rate, Step, Calorie: Easy to understand insights. Analyze your heart rate and activity trends throughout the day.

4. File Manager: Effortlessly sync offline storage. Monitor the status of your data upload after operating in an off-line mode.

5. Device Management: Easily facilitate firmware updates to the Puulse device ensuring you have the most up-to-date device features and functionality.

6. 3rd Party Connectivity: Connect high-quality Puulse heart rate data to up to three of your favorite compatible devices or supported Apps.

7. BTLE – 4.0 or ANT+: Stream heart rate and activity data wirelessly when paired with a compatible Vivomi device

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