Robot Transforming Car Attack : The Last Knight

Client: Mount Rockx

Category: Game Development

Technologies: Unity, C#, Mobile Game

Robot transforming car attack is an android and google play store based game which is made keeping in mind the concept of bumble bee converting into car and keeping in mind the way of fighting and shooting style of bumble bee in the movie named transformers. The enemies made in this game are also kept like sci-fi so that the users who are the lovers of transformer series feel fun and enjoy playing this game. This game has introduced some off the trend ways of gameplay like in most of the games that we play in our android devices there is a simple pictured main menu but in robot transforming car attack we have introduced a live background in the main menu so that user can get a live view of the game’s map before he/she even starts playing the game. Following is the link of the game in the google play store.


Robot transforming car attack has following features:

1. Bumble bee model in a different realistic colour.

2. Same car model into which bumblebee transforms.

3. Different robotic enemies

4. Health bar of enemies

5. 3rd person controller and car driving controller

6. Destructive environment

7. Sword fighting (melee attacks)

8. Shooting (ranged attacks)

9. Cutscenes

10. Realistic particle effects

Play Store