Client: Vivomi

Category: Mobile Application

Technologies: Android, iOS, Hybrid, Windows  Java, C#, Xamarin, Swift.

One of the most challenging situations for law enforcement involves interaction with persons suffering from mental illness. These interactions can be complicated further if the person is experiencing auditory hallucinations that are acting as a barrier to communication. Add a weapon into the situation and the results can be catastrophic for all parties.

Professionals in mental health care have suggested that police could benefit from understanding that people in mental crisis may display bizarre behavior as a result of their illness that may be wrongfully interpreted as anger, aggression or non-compliance. The SimVoice™ was developed to facilitate a method of compassionate, experiential learning, that allows officers to experience interaction with the police from the perspective of the person suffering from mental illness.

This is accomplished by creating crisis intervention training scenarios where one of the officers roles play a person with mental illness while fellow officers employ de-escalation through crisis intervention. The role playing officer wears Bluetooth headphones that allow a tablet or smartphone loaded with the SimVoice™ software to create the sensation of auditory hallucinations. The scenarios and voices are designed to interact together and create an incredibly realistic experience that can be controlled and guided by the instructor through the SimVoice™ software.

The SimVoice™ hallucinations tracks are designed to include a reference to either a gun, knife, bat, or no weapon. This creates a more realistic scenario that forces the student officers to apply proper tactics, decisions related to the use of force, and appropriate crisis intervention. Ultimately, the goal of each scenario is to arrive at a peaceful resolution through proper de-escalation techniques. The instructor guides this by manipulating the SimVoice™ hallucinations with the interactive display on the tablet. The voices can be escalated towards non-compliance, or de-escalated towards compliance based on the performance of the student officers.

The SimVoice™ assists in achieving three primary objectives: Create a true barrier to communication for the scenario. Guide the level of compliance through the ability to change the theme of the voices. Most importantly, allow the student officer to experience the challenges faced by persons experiencing mental illness in an effort to create empathy and compassion in law enforcement officers

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