Afrikeria is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers from all over the world to promote and distribute African culture. The platform offers a safe shopping experience and supports financial empowerment for African women.


This e-commerce platform promotes and distributes African culture. Built with a variety of technologies, including HTML, CSS, VueJs, ReactJS, and Ruby on Rails, the site is fully responsive and works seamlessly on all devices. We provided tailored solutions to enhance the user experience.









Challenges For This Project

While the website aims to promote African culture to a global audience, there may be cultural barriers that make it difficult to connect with some potential customers.

As an e-commerce platform, the website relies heavily on payment processing, and any issues or complications with payment gateways like Stripe could impact the user experience.

Shipping products from African countries to customers around the world can be a complex logistical challenge, requiring careful coordination to ensure timely and reliable delivery.

There are likely other e-commerce platforms that focus on African culture, and the website will need to differentiate itself and offer unique value to attract and retain customers.

As the website relies on several different technologies and tools, ensuring that they are all functioning properly and kept up-to-date could be a challenge, especially as the site continues to grow and evolve.

Our Goals

One key goal for the website could be to improve page load times and overall website performance. This could involve optimizing code, reducing file sizes, and implementing other techniques to speed up website delivery.

With a growing number of users accessing the website from mobile devices, a key development goal could be to enhance the website's mobile responsiveness and ensure a smooth user experience across all devices.

To improve the user experience and attract more customers, the website could explore adding additional payment options beyond Stripe, such as PayPal or other popular payment gateways.

The website could work to develop more tailored solutions for African social commerce, exporter, and dropshippers through the Afrikeria and Bridge Africa programs, such as customized seller platforms, global payments coordination, and easy shipping tools.

Finally, a key development goal could be to continually enhance the user experience on the website, including improving navigation, search functionality, and product listings, to help customers find and purchase the African cultural products they are looking for with ease

Technologies used in This Project

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Vue JS

Mongo DB




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