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Looking for top-tier offshore web app development services for your company? Look no further because we are one of the leading custom web application development company with a high project success rate. Partner with Dev House to get cutting-edge technologies, expertise and telegenic web solutions.




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Web Security matters

Get efficient, performant and secure custom website development services in leading programing languages and frameworks.

Our Offshore Web Development Services include

SaaS solutions are rapidly growing because of its scope, scalability and benefits. Saas products & services allow users to access expensive, high-powered software without any issues. We provide saas web development services & solutions to individuals, small, medium and larger businesses along with b2b & b2c.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can work as a web page or mobile application on any device. It allows you to provide a better UX to your users and make conversion better. We are providing progressive web app development services for you to ensure good performance in poor network conditions, app like features, quick loading & instant updates.
A Single Page Application (SPA) loads only a single web page document and uses JavaScript APIs to update the body content. It improves website’s speed by using cache and local data. Dev House is providing single page app development services and solutions so that you can improve website speed, easy access and responsiveness and enhance user experience.
Blockchain is the world’s most popular and trusted system to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. There are different computers connected via peer-to-peer network with each other. We are providing blockchain app development services and solutions so that you can create a digital identity for users, increase reliability and improve data security.

Core Industries we Serve

As a Single App company, we provide solutions to a wide range of industries in different sectors.

Health Care

Web and app development solutions for B2B, B2C, C2C platforms.


To automate yield, manage supplies and deliver goods.


Physical and esports mobile and web applications.


To book tickets, tourism support and manage logistics.


For managing, distributing and scheduling content.


LMS, Web & app portals, educational calculators.

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How our native mobile app development services helps your business

As a native app development company, we manage, organize and lead your business to a digital success.

Our modern cutting edge technologies enable your custom android application to be sustainable, efficient and flexible in terms of performance.

Our agile software testing methodologies help us to provide performance oriented website development solutions that perform well.

We sign an NDA agreement to protect your business data from mischief and theft so your idea remains unique as always.

Our custom web app development solutions are based on a flexible architecture that goes along with your business goals from the start.

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Our Web Application Development Process Flow

As a Web Application  development company, our development process flow includes

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Our Technologies and Platforms

We provide mobile and web application solutions the way you want them – by using the latest technologies and platforms.

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Our custom web app development services help you engage people and attract new customers for your business and accelerate your digital success.

Dev House is a custom website development company providing services and solutions:

  • Custom Web App Development Services
  • SaaS Web Development Services
  • Progressive Web App Development Services
  • Single Page App Development Services
  • Blockchain App Development Services
  • Website Front End Development Services
An offshore website development company offers SaaS Web Development Services, Progressive Web App Development Services, Single Page App Development Services, Blockchain App Development Services, Website Front End Development Services and Solutions.

There are three key considerations before choosing a offshore website development services:

  • Services you need. Are you looking for a mobile or web app, need custom UI design, QA testing, or all together?
  • Find a vendor. Look at the technology stack, social presence, client reviews and portfolio of the offshore software development company.
  • Talk to them. At Dev House, we encourage clients to communicate and ask questions about our solutions.
Offshore website development services are cheaper than hiring an in-house team. As a business owner you want solutions so that you don’t have to face legal restrictions. Offshore web development companies provide talented resources so that you can get your solution easily.

Some key benefits of offshore web app development services are:

Less Expensive. In Romania, you’ll pay $22-45/h, while in the US the cost goes up to $130-230/h.

No training expenses. You save money that you spend on the training and courses of your employees.

Offshore web development companies deal with this for you.

Modern technologies. Most offshore website development companies and services providers focus on one area. It is easy to get top level custom web development solutions at affordable rates.