Aileven Live

Aileven Live (Cross-platform mobile app) offers live football management experience to fans with real-time decision-making and match analysis. You can follow your favorite team or select other teams in the league and interact like a virtual trainer.


Aileven Live is a cross-platform mobile app built using Xamarin for iOS and Android, providing a unique live football management experience. The app utilizes Prism, SQL Server, Autofac, and Syncfusion plugins. Our team worked diligently to deliver the best possible solution for this app.









Challenges For This Project

Data accuracy

As the app relies on real-time match data, ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date could be a challenge, especially during high-pressure matches where there are often last-minute substitutions or changes in player performance.

User engagement

As the app is focused on providing a unique live football management experience, user engagement could be a challenge. The app must offer compelling features and updates that keep users engaged throughout the match.

Integration with APIs

The app relies on APIs such as Swagger and Http Client to access real-time data. Ensuring seamless integration with these APIs and avoiding any downtime could be a challenge.

Compatibility with multiple devices

As the app is cross-platform and built for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices and operating systems could be a challenge.

Managing push notifications

The app uses push notifications to provide updates to users. Managing the frequency and timing of these notifications could be a challenge to ensure that users remain engaged without being overwhelmed.

Our Goals

Aileven Live offer a unique live football management experience

The primary goal of the app is to provide users with a unique live football management experience that allows them to interact with the game like a virtual trainer.

Increase user engagement

To increase user engagement by offering compelling features that keep users engaged throughout the match.

Deliver accurate real-time data

Another goal is to deliver accurate and up-to-date real-time match data to enhance user experience.

Seamless integration with APIs:

The app should aim to ensure real-time data is accessed smoothly.

Compatible with multiple devices

The app should aim to be compatible with multiple devices and operating systems to ensure that users can access the app on their preferred device.

Technologies used in This Project

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Vue JS

Mongo DB




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