Poolii is an innovative take on social networking, integrating the thrill of lotteries with the essence of connection-making. Operating under the mantra that “everyone wins by making connections,” Poolii revolutionizes social networking by turning posting into a privilege, allowing only one random user to post each day. Users increase their chances of winning the privilege by actively reading other winning posts.


Social Networking







Challenges For This Project

User Engagement and Retention

With only one post a day, there was a risk of losing user interest due to limited content.

Technical Complexity

  • Implementing a transparent, fair, and tamper-proof lottery system.
  • Ensuring seamless synchronization between Android and iOS platforms developed using Xamarin.

Monetization Strategy

Balancing the free nature of the app with generating revenue to support the platform.

User Verification

Preventing spam accounts or bots from participating and ensuring genuine human interaction.


Handling a growing user base and ensuring that the system could accommodate a surge in users without compromising performance.

Our Goals

Create a Unique Social Experience

Provide a platform where quality trumps quantity, ensuring meaningful interactions and content.

Ensure Fairness

The lottery system should be transparent, giving every user an equal opportunity to get their post featured.

Cross-Platform Consistency

Offer a seamless user experience across both Android and iOS without compromising on features or performance.

Promote Active User Participation

Design mechanisms that encourage users to read posts and actively engage with the platform.

Sustainable Growth

Grow the user base while ensuring the platform remains financially viable and technically robust.

Technologies used in This Project

We provide mobile and web application solutions the way you want them – by using the latest technologies and platforms.


Vue JS

Mongo DB




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