PrePostSEO is a platform that offers a suite of tools designed to assist content creators, SEO professionals, and website owners in optimizing their content and ensuring its originality and quality. With tools ranging from plagiarism checkers to backlink checkers, the platform aims to be a one-stop solution for many online content needs.









Challenges For This Project


Ensuring the platform could handle a large number of simultaneous requests without compromising on speed or accuracy. this data effectively can be a complex task, requiring efficient database design, data validation, and data synchronization across different components of the platform.

Integration of Multiple Tools

Creating a cohesive user experience when the platform hosts a variety of different tools, each with its own requirements.

Real-time Analysis

Offering tools like plagiarism checkers that require complex algorithms and large databases to function in real-time.

Intuitive Design

With so many tools available, presenting them in an intuitive and user-friendly manner was crucial.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensuring the platform performs equally well on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Plagiarism Database Maintenance

Keeping the plagiarism database updated and comprehensive while respecting data privacy laws.

Dynamic SEO Changes

SEO guidelines and standards aren’t static. Adapting tools to stay current with industry changes was a constant challenge.

Our Goals

Offer Comprehensive Suite of Tools

To provide a range of tools that cater to content creators of all types, from bloggers to academic researchers.

Ensure Accuracy & Reliability

It was imperative for tools, especially like the plagiarism checker, to be accurate and reliable to build user trust.

User-Centric Experience

Design and organize the platform in a way that even a user unfamiliar with SEO could navigate and benefit from the tools.

Stay Updated with Industry Standards

Regularly update the tools to reflect the latest in SEO best practices, algorithms, and guidelines.

Expand the User Base

Reach a global audience, ensuring the platform caters to the needs of international users in terms of content, language, and SEO practices specific to different regions.

Feedback and Iteration

Establish a feedback loop with users to continually improve tools based on their needs and challenges.

Technologies used in This Project

We provide mobile and web application solutions the way you want them by using the latest technologies and platforms.


Vue JS

Mongo DB




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Waleed J Sanchez

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Devhouse’s team has been instrumental in the success of our platform, Their programmers’ technical expertise and their designers’ creative flair have combined to make our vision a reality, providing a powerful, user-friendly solution for the construction industry.