Connect your heart rate and fitness apps or devices with ease using Puulse. Enjoy beat-by-beat accuracy and real-time ECG display for 24/7 monitoring. Analyze heart rate and activity trends, and receive firmware updates for optimal device functionality. Stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.


Puulse is a cross-platform app built on Xamarin for iOS and Android, designed to seamlessly connect up to three heart rate or fitness apps/devices. Our team utilized XMAL, custom views, Prism, and Sql Server, among other technologies and tools, to create an efficient and intuitive experience for our users. With automatic firmware updates and 24/7 ECG monitoring, our solution ensures optimal device functionality and real-time heart rate data analysis.









Challenges For This Project

Integrating with multiple third-party apps and devices can pose a challenge in terms of compatibility and ensuring seamless data transfer.

Maintaining beat-by-beat accuracy of heart rate data can be challenging due to factors such as signal interference or environmental factors.

Managing offline data storage and syncing it with the app can present a challenge, especially when dealing with large amounts of data.

Ensuring secure and reliable transmission of sensitive health data between the app and third-party devices or apps can also be a challenge.

Keeping up with firmware updates and ensuring that the app remains compatible with the latest versions of the Puulse device can be a challenge.

Our Goals

To provide users with a seamless experience in connecting their heart rate and fitness apps or devices, allowing them to easily transfer data between their preferred devices and apps.

To deliver real-time ECG display and beat-by-beat accuracy for 24/7 heart rate monitoring, enabling users to track their health and fitness progress more effectively.

To offer users a simple and easy-to-understand insight into their heart rate and activity trends throughout the day, enabling them to make informed decisions about their fitness routines.

To ensure that users' data is secure and private at all times, providing reliable transmission of sensitive health data between the app and third-party devices or apps.

To deliver timely firmware updates, ensuring that the app remains up-to-date with the latest features and functionality of the Puulse device, and providing users with the best possible experience.

Technologies used in This Project

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Vue JS

Mongo DB




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